Intercept Services

We also offer paramedic intercept services to surrounding basic life support (BLS) ambulance squads in need of paramedic assistance. The program works to provide advanced life support (ALS) to the requesting squad when they request assistance. Assistance is usually requested for more serious types of calls such as cardiac arrest, severe trauma, chest pain, shortness of breath, or any calls that make a squad feel uncomfortable.

When the intercept service is requested, a quick response ambulance, with two paramedics and a driver, responds. The quick response ambulance is equipped with all needed ALS equipment and supplies. Once the quick response ambulance meets the requesting squad, the paramedics board the squad and assist with ALS intervention. The paramedics will then ride in the ambulance to the hospital. This service enhances the excellent care provided by our local EMS squads by offering early ALS intervention.

More Information 

For more information, contact the Fire Department at 308-345-5710.