Yard Waste Information

Yard Waste Containers Between April 1st and November 30th each year the City offers individual yard waste roll out containers for $5 per month. The containers are for grass and leaves only and are picked up Wednesday each week. Other items, including plastic bags, are not allowed in these containers.

Garden Waste may be disposed of with your normal household waste.

The City of McCook maintains several sites for yard waste around town. These sites are available for residents who pay the monthly trash fee. Do not place brush at these sites. Bring it to the Transfer Station or place it in your alley and call the Transfer Station for pick up.

McCook Residents may deliver their yard waste to the Transfer Station.

Contact the Transfer Station at 308-345-7049 with any disposal questions.

Container Locations 

West Side Locations:

  • 400 Block West 10th in Alley
  • Auditorium Drive
  • 500 Block between West 2nd and West 3rd Alley
  • 1300 Block between West 2nd and West 3rd
  • West 1st between D and E, Parking Lot
  • 800 Block Norris in alley up from Library
  • West 1st and J in alley
  • West 10th and Q
  • West 16th and N
  • North Entrance of Golf Course on West J
  • North End of 1400 Block of West 1st and Norris

East Side Locations:

  • South Street by Street Department
  • South Street and South 7th
  • 1200 Block East B in Alley between A and B
  • East 14th and Apollo
  • 400 Block East 6th between 6th and 7th Alley
  • East 9th between G and H
  • East Water Tower in Alley
  • 1200 Block Country Club in Alley
  • 800 Block between East 2nd and East 3rd
  • 1400 Block East F (Evangelical Free Church Alley)
  • 300 Block Pawnee Alley
  • 1000 Block between East 1st and East 2nd (North End)
  • East K between East 1st and 2nd