Law Enforcement Division

The McCook Police Department is staffed by both sworn police officers and civilian personnel. The Law Enforcement Division consists of all sworn members of the department and provides police services, investigations, field operations, assistance in fire and ambulance response, and community security. The Division consists of one police chief, four patrol sergeants, two detectives, eight patrol officers, and one school resource officer.

Uniformed patrol personnel are divided into four separate 12-hour day and night shifts consisting of one patrol sergeant and two patrol officers under normal operating conditions. Each shift works 84 hours in a two-week pay period and generally rotates with every other weekend off. Day and night shifts are rotated every six months.

Detectives work with uniformed personnel as needed and are assigned to work a total of 84 hours in a two-week pay period. Detectives generally work day shifts of 8-8.5 hours.

Communications Division

The Communications Division provides Phase II wireless enhanced 9-1-1 services for all of Red Willow County, Nebraska. Civilian staff operate the Communications Division which consists of one communications supervisor, four full-time communicators, and two part-time communicators. The Communications Division provides the whole county with all necessary law enforcement, fire, ambulance, and emergency response dispatch.

Communications personnel are generally divided into three rotating eight-hour shifts with full-time staff scheduled to work 80 hours during the two-week pay period and part-time staff generally scheduled to work 64 hours during the two-week pay period.

A civilian staffed office assistant position is responsible for administrative functions assistance, records management, and clerical duties.

Surrounding Law Enforcement Agencies

The McCook Police Department also works with the Red Willow County Sheriff's Office, the Nebraska State Patrol, and other surrounding law enforcement agencies to provide additional service to the region.